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Where do we buy? Portugal decisions.

There are really only two options for us because there are only two of us. One of us likes the sea and the other prefers the mountains and valleys. It's not that the one who likes the sea doesn't appreciate the mountains and valleys, or that the one who likes the mountains and valleys doesn't appreciate the sea. But I think that each of us would long for the other preference, because although it's less favored, it still holds importance due to its impact on our lives.

Peacefulness, nature, solace, rural life, temperate weather, expat community, and conveniences for 'mature' people, such as hospitals and beach life, are factors we consider.

So how do we pick? What is the deciding factor? What do our lives look like in ten years, and what do we want to be doing... or more importantly, not doing?

As much as we hate to admit it, we're not getting any younger. In fact, this is the stage of life where it suddenly dawns on us that our youth is spent. Twenty years ago. Taking on big projects, by ourselves I might add, is going to require some strength, vitality, and a lot of determination either way, and well... you know, sedentary lifestyles and all that.

I wish we had done this earlier. Like 20 years earlier. But c'est la vie, and so we just have to pull up our sleeves and roll with the punches if we really want what we want.

The original plan was to move to Portugal, find land, build a small house by ourselves, grow food, and be semi-self-sufficient. That's it. All the other details, we've picked up along the way because of the vast richness of what we've seen in Portugal.

Portugal is a small country at the foot of Europe, so getting to the mountains is a quick drive inland, and getting to the ocean is a quick drive west or south. If you consider that an average drive to the Spanish border from the coast is between 2 and 3 hours (depending on road systems), then "quick" is an adequate word.

In Canada, the closest beach to us was 14 hours away, and in 20 years, we only ever went twice. Yeah. So having 'access' to the beach is not such a big deal because of the 'access' one has to the beach.

It all comes down to lifestyle. And in both scenarios, we can have the semi-off-grid, self-sufficient life as well. But again, what do our lives look like in 10 years when we're pushing 60? There! I said it! Ugh! It hurts even saying it. I might need a headache tablet after that.

Here's a scenario picked out of our current lives. Two properties; Plot one is in Sao Martinho do Porto, a small urban lot in a RAN area (1500m2), strict urban portion for building, flat land, blank slate, no views, small old farm village, close to the beach (5-minute drive), hot vacation spot in summer, close to amenities. Plot two is in Bombarral, a quiet rural village, a very quaint cute area, great views, quite a bit more land (4800m2), an abandoned house ruin, potential renovation, but a big urban portion, can build a 2nd house, more work needed all around in the garden, terraced land possibility, two small towns 8 and 13 minutes away respectively, apple orchids everywhere around us.

Now, if we could find a place that had both mountains and sea in a rural-ish setting, well then we'd have it made. But then what would the cost be? I digress.

What would you choose? I'm curious. Leave us a comment.


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